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Since I am a poor boy, (actually lazy but that's besides the point) I do not own Elite Beat Agents. Yeah, sad but true. But, I've found a great alternative. Enter sexual intercourse "Osu!".


Though it just a beta, it has a lot of cool features including an online ranking system and replays. This is the Stepmania for EBA. Also, did you know that there's a slow version of Caramelldansen? Neither did I...until I played Osu! that is. Also, I did a beatmap of the Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers Intro theme. I remember that show. That was the S**t back then. That and Reboot. Oh man, all this nostalgia is getting to me. But probably the most random song I download for it was Uptown Girl by Billy Joel. I remember singing that my Freshmen year...crazy.

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What Pokemon are you?
I TOOK THIS FOR THE LULZ. So...I'm...Lucario?!? That...doesn't make a lot of sense to me personally. But then again, I do like playing as Lucario in Brawl...I guess it fits when I'm around people I don't know. Whatever, I'm out...see ya later...
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I went to a midnight release too, I went with Jaxom to get it and there was a tournament there at the Game Stop. There was only one gripe I had about this tourney. NO FUCKING GAMECUBE CONTROLLERS. Yeah we had to use a Wii-Mote + Nunchuck. Ah well, If there WERE Gamecube controllers, I proably wouldn't have advanced past the 1st round. We (guys in the tourney) made this running gag where we said landmaster in every phase.

Vegeta, what does the scouter say about his Landmaster?

He can use his hammer in the air now. AND HE KICK FUCKING ASS. The only gripe about him is that his final smash was easily dodged by Jaxom during our entire play through DX.

Jaxom: NEVER!

For my secondary character I'm gonna have to go with Lucario. They say he's just Brawl's Mewtwo but I really like him though. His final smash is awesome. It just screams "SHOOP DA WHOOP" and "I'M FIRING MAH LASOR!" I was surprised how long it took to unlock Jigglypuff/Purin. It was like the 7th character we got. Normally it's the easiest charcter. Eventually, we decided to do 350 VS matches by play a special Brawl with 1 HP, a Flower, and Fast. Needless to say it wasn't very long till we got her. In other news, Jaxom's secondary is apparently Snake. I can understand, with haveing remote controller Stinger missiles at his disposal. (GEEK ALERT! EVERYONE RUN!)

I really like SSE mode. It sure as hell beats the Adventure mode in Melee. It was cool how every character acted like themselves with NO VOICE ACTING. Sure it had grunts and gasps but other than that it was seer pantomiming. It also broke my heart to see Pikachu getting hurt in that torture device :< But Tabuu WAS. A. BITCH. THOSE FUCKING RAINBOW BEAMS OF DOOM PUT CHUCK NORRIS (who turned 68 yesterday if you didn't know) TO SHAME. FUCKING INSTANT KILL MAN. FUCKING INSTANT KILL. It's actually possible to dodge, but it VERY hard to.

And is it just me or are the CPUs a lot harder hard this time? It took 4 times to unlock Toon Link. (STOP FUCKING SWORD PLANTING, YOU DOWN B WHORE.) I mean I saw some Lv 9 CPUs that were LEDGE CAMPING. Although, on the other hand, the AI fell to pieces when we made custom maps. Two words: Spike pit.

Damn it's been 17 years over this rivalry and Nintendo STILL takes shots at Sonic. Example: When you get Snake's codec conversation for Sonic, Sanke says that he "just doesn't like [Sonic]." And in one of the Event matches, they say. " Do we really need more hedgehogs? Isn't one enough? " It might just be a coincidence, but something tells me it's not.

Speaking of codec conversations, Snake's Intel about the character is pretty hilarious (In case you don't know how to pull it off, do Snake's up taunt, down taunt, then up taunt. It's best done with the Wii-Mote which activates by pressing 1,2 then 1.) I really like Pikachu, Snake, and Captain Falcon conversations.

Now, I've gotta go before I loose any more connection with brawl then I already have.
Happy Brawling!

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Did I ever tell anyone I wanted to be a voice actor? Well...yea I do. It seems like all of my family wants to go into acting. My mom is taking acting classes and even got to be on Friday Night Lights (no I not kidding). My sister also want to pursue acting. And now with me want to be a voice actor, it seems like we're all getting in to the arts...except for my dad. Some people think that that's weird because some people say that those who are math oriented also tend to like the arts too. I guess I living testament to that being in both Choir and Comp Sci 1 AP.

Also I *Ahem* "made" another background.
And by made I mean I sized a screen shot and slapped the House of Dead 3 logo on it.
Whatever. I THINK IT LOOKS COOL. Actually he looks like the silver surfer in a way. XD

Also, unlike a CERTAIN book I read in English, *COUGHCARAMELOCOUGH* I really like The Things They Carried. Finally, A book I WANT to read.

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I was Bored. XD
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Well well.
*Dusts off Live Journal Account*
I've had so much going on during my holiday vacation. And now I shares it with you, along with the physical and mental scarring. great moments.

December 22
I was asleep on the car drive over to Oklahoma, so this was pretty uneventful...well until we got there. It was awesome because (wait for it...) IT WAS SNOWING :D. Being bron in Arizonia and growing up in Texas, you usually don't see a lot of snow, espesically when it's falling. My Mom's sister's family was coming, but they didn't come in till midnight because my little cousin Sam was throwing up. (Poor guy :< )

December 23
So I got to see Aunt and Uncle and Sam. Sam was feeling much better than he was earlier which was good. We all decided to see National Treasure 2. I liked it, but I felt like something was missing. I don't WHAT but it there was something. But it was a good sequel and I'm glad it didn't suck. Also, I want to see Speed Racer :D. When we got back we did a joke when the girls got back from shopping. We told Aunt Denise that we couldn't see National Treasure 2 so we saw Kill Bill 2 instead XD.

December 24
For it being Christmas Eve, it was surprising uneventful. But I've gotta say, my little cousin Sam is a lot more mature than he was the last I saw him. He may only be nine but he acts several years older unlike one of my *cough* other little boy cousins. But that's for later. He still has the awe, energy and wonderment that kids his age have but other than that he's very refined. There was one thing I did that day. I played Wii with Sam and after playing a little while I decided to show my G-Dad the fishing mini game in Zelda: Twilight Princess. Needless to say, he was amazed by it. He told my that I could reel in a real 20 inch Bass. I think it really touch his heart to see me fishing, even if it was only virtual.

December 25
It's the big day!
I got a good majority of what I wanted on my list:
- VG Cats T-Shirt
- Megaman X Command Mission
- Super Mario Galaxy
- Dazzle Video Creator Platinum
- Universal AV Cables
- Wii Nunchuck
- Venture Bros Season 2 DVD
- Wii-mote Charger Station
- The Orange Box (Finally! Portal, YOU ARE MINE! *Evil Laughter*)
There was a mix up in gifts I got Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, but it was supposed to be for Sam. And I was already in the third Dungeon T_T. Well, no use crying over spilt milk. Oh funny story about my Grandmother buying the Nunchuck. When went in to the store, she ask the clerk, "Do you have any numnuts?" I am NOT kidding. The clerk turns around and tries to refrain from laughing but he fails horribly. She asks, "What did I say?" The clerk says "Do you mean a Nunchuck?" She says "Yeah that's it." Wow. Pretty eventful Christmas.

That's it for now, but I'll post about my Christmas in Kansas soon. Until then, have a happy new year!

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Last Night:
I was up all night studying, and sweatimg in my sleep because I had only studied for 80% of the final's material (20% was over the last unit because we didn't have a test over that unit.) 

Today, Before Test:
I was sitting in my desk waiting for the onslaught to begin. Soon I was handed my test and I began to write.

Test's Allotted time : 2 hours
My Time: 43 Minutes
My Grade 88/100 (B )

Today, After seeing my grade:
Me: "Wow, that's...awesome and sad at the same time."

...As happy as I am with that grade, the test was amazingly dissapointing. I thought it was going to be A LOT harder. I waas making low Cs in that class, but I got a high B on the final...I was like "WTF?". I'm not saying that that's a bad grade, I just...though it'd be harder. It might have been the study paid off a lot but really the test was almost all memorization. Maybe English will be harder... Wow. This is crazy. I actually WANT to be challenged. LE GASP!


In other news, I made a Chistmas List XD:

1. The cake is a Lie VG Cats T-Shirt
Damn you, Portal WHY ARE YOU SO FUN? YOU MOCK IN YOUR ORANGE BOX! *Ahem* Yeah "The cake is a lie" is going to be put in the Most Used Phrases catagory along with "Over NINE THOUSAND!" and "Screw the rules, I have money!"

2. Super Mario Galaxy
Ah, The Plumber never dies :D. Seriously, he's in space w/o a suit I amazing he dosen't sufficate or get...space...cancer.

3. Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition
I never got to experience Leon's crazy adventure to find the President's Annoying (HELP ME, LEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOON!) Daughter, so I thought "Hey, why not?"

4. Megaman X Command Mission
Oh that crazy Blue Bomber has an RPG, does he? Me thinks I must play it.

5. Dreamcast
Hurr yeah. I'm asking for a Dreamcast. This has to be liek da bestest consule EVAR. Liek rally.

6. Wii Nunchuck
Why you they sell this things seperately?
Miyamoto: It's because I like your money.

7. Venture Bros Season 2 DVD
This series is SO CRAZY. It's like Jonny Quest on DRUGS. (Actually, there are Jonny Quest cameos and References in the show, belive it or not. LOL Behold me and my nerd Power)

8. Phoenix Wright 3
Phoenix: OBJECTION! 
Edgeworth: YOUR MOTHER!
Phoenix: Damn, He's good.

9. Wii-Mote (LOL) Charger Station
Cuz buying AA Batteries is SOOO 1997.

10. Shadow Hearts (PS2)
Zorel <3 Obscure RPGs

11. The Orange Box
Portal Fetish GO! I might also play Team Fortress 2. It' looks cool one of the teaser trailers was HILARIOUS. (And Maybe Half-Life 2 as well)

12. Dazzle Video Creator Platinum
This is to help with recording my games online and putting them up on YouTube.

13. Universal Video Game S-Video Cables
Same as 12

Well that's about it. So now I head of to study and do...things.
Happy Holidays, Merry Chistmas, and other various Holidays greetings.

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Ah Turkey day. It's at this point of the year where school goes by fairly quickly because before you know it it's the holiday season comes up. Of course it's gonna suck school wise because we've got to learn 6 weeks worth of material in 23 days T.T. I've started to get my VG walkthoughs up and running again after a month long hiatus. Probably because of all the people at Cloud8745's fan forums. Thanks guys X3! Ithink my klonoa obbesion has reacjed an all time high:


Also yet another Azure Sky on thew way. So since turkey day is coming up, I gonna list stuff I'm thankful for. You guys feel free to do the same.

I'm thankful for:
- Lots of food on Turkey day
- Video Games X3
- People who like my works (Azure Sky, BattleTanx Walkthrough etc)
- All the opportunity I can have.
- The Japanese Pop Culture Club and all it's craziness.
- Myself for not ending up doing drugs or anything bad like that.
- True friends who like me for my person and not my things.

I think there may be more but that's all I can think of right now.
So anyway, everybody have a great turkey day and be thankful for what you have!

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Ugh, I had to get up at 6:00 this morning. PSAT right? Actually no, I was singing for TMEA All-State Choir Competition at Akins High School. I was Baritone even though I sing Tenor 2 because I was more comfortable with my low range. But now I think that I should have done Tenor 2 because there were 60 Baritones. Only 16 people can advance and if you do the math that's only 26% of the baritone can go on. Needless to say I don't think I up there T.T. Aw well, it's not the end of the world. I actually sang pretty well in term of vocal quality. I nearly screwed up the sightreading though. And this all happens within 5-6 minutes.I was the last person in the first group (I was 5th to go in the bass 1 section.) But due to the possibility of cheating, I had to wait in the cafeteria from about 9:45 to about 3:00. And due to certain rules, I couldn't even bring my DS because they think I could send vital information to other people or listen to the all state music. Bull. While I was waiting I observed the most disorganized game of Monopoly EVER. Half of the were even paying attention and people didn't pay when they landed on properties. 

I'm gonna give DA a nice present:
[Scroll Down}

........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''...\.......... _.·´

If they're just gonna delete my so-called "Copyright infringing sprites" WHICH THEY'RE NOT. They are created through a sprite generator with resources that I and many other people make. AND THEY'RE NOT FROM A COPYRIGHTED GAME!!! So I you read Azure sky go here:
If they're gonna delete my comics I'll just stop using they're website. I'll migrate over to SheezyArt and post some non-cannon stuff if I feel like it.

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Behold my new base of operations for my evil plans:
But seriously, I never knew they sold old missles base on friggin eBay.
Anyway, I feel swamped lately. It not my homework that's bogging me down (Actually it is sometimes), It a lot of other stuff I wanna do.
First, I need to do some more Azure Sky, and the CW collab with Jaxom.
Secondly, I need to work on this fanfiction that I have written down but I've neglected to type it. (Sorry, Pika D: )
Thirdly, I need to finish my YouTube game walkthrough on BattleTanx: GE.
and Finally I have region Music that I need to study for.
Ugh, Now I know what the meaning of "stress" is...

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